Guess This Means I'm Dead
Kacee - Ravenclaw - I'd honestly just scroll through to see what I post. I dabble a lot - Sam Winchester is my baby - My Twitter is the same as my URL - That seems to be it. Remember kids, don't do drugs, have unprotected sex, or skip the 9th Doctor and you'll be just fine. Good luck!
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This camp is where I was trained.

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is it wrong to say the most romantic part i found in tfios was buffy and angel making out?

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rose tyler appreciation week

day four: bad wolf

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[on expanding her career to become a film director] It is more satisfying. You are more of a participant in the conception. I like having control. I think I have the capability. I’m a storyteller and an artist and I love what I do. So I want to be part of it more and not just show up and say my lines.

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h o p e .

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Team Free Will headcanon: I feel like the boys would stop in open, lonely places so the angels could stretch their wings every now and then.

Really, I just wanted an excuse to draw clouds and wings.

Edit: Team Free will is now available on my
society6 store
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Scarlett Johansson, by Craig McDean for Vanity Fair (May 2014)

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